Case Study

Parkson Credit Boosted Its Brand Loyalty with Video Blog Content Marketing Site

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The Client

Parkson Credit


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Financial Services


Parkson Credit Sdn Bhd is a financial technology company that offers credit services to customers who want to buy products in instalments. Founded in 2014, the company aims to improve user experience and business efficiency through digitalization and innovation. It has a proprietary business system that allows dealers to process applications and claims faster and easier. It also has a chat-bot enhanced WhatsApp service that provides better customer service. The company is committed to transforming and growing its business in a responsible and sustainable way, creating value for all its stakeholders.

The Challenge

In August 2019, Parkson Credit sought to enhance customer engagement and loyalty through video content. The challenge was to effectively communicate the company’s offerings, customer onboarding guide, impart useful financial insights, and promote the company’s culture, values, and accomplishments. The goal was to amplify Parkson Credit’s unique brand voice and value proposition, fostering a deeper, more personal connection with customers.

The Goals

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What We Did

The Tedsis team began by auditing the current state and creating a sustainable plan that delivered the goals mentioned above.

The Results

Parkson Credit’s investment in video content has yielded significant results, enhancing various aspects of their customer engagement and brand image. Here are the key outcomes:

  1. Better Campaign Management: Analytics and click-through data are vital for optimizing video content. They provide audience insights, assess content performance, and guide future strategies, enhancing the effectiveness of the company’s video content and marketing efforts. 
  2. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: The company has successfully increased customer satisfaction and loyalty through informative and valuable video content. This is evidenced by higher customer retention rates and an increase in repeat purchases.

  3. Improved Communication of Offerings: The company has achieved better communication of its products and services to customers. This is reflected in the increased product awareness and understanding among customers after watching the videos.

  4. Effective Onboarding: The introduction of a clear and engaging onboarding guide through video content has greatly improved the customer onboarding experience. This has led to a decrease in customer queries or complaints related to onboarding.

  5. Promote Financial Literacy: The company’s initiative to promote financial literacy has successfully elevated its trust score and brand authority. As a result, it has emerged as the preferred choice among customers for its services.

  6. Boost Brand Image: By promoting the company’s culture, values, and accomplishments, Parkson Credit has boosted its brand image, trust, and authority in their industry.

These results highlight the effectiveness of using video content as a strategic tool for customer engagement and brand enhancement.