Case Study

200% Sales Conversion Increased for EWG Global by Implementing Sales Enablement Solutions

Capitalizing on two decades of technological expertise, Tedsis excels in identifying immediate opportunities to accelerate your business growth.

EWG Global Case Study

The Client

EWG Global




Consultancy, Beauty and Wellness


EWG Global is a network marketing organization that offers coaching, guidance, and support to network marketing leaders, helping them build an excellent network marketing business. This is achieved by leveraging a system and platform with paths and processes developed by coaches with over 20 years of aggregated knowledge and experience in the industry.

The Challenge

With over two decades of expertise in coaching network marketing leaders, the EWG leadership has identified a challenge in connecting with the needs of leaders in the modern world, especially among younger generations. They approached us to explore digitizing their system, seeking ways to enhance efficiency with speed and accuracy through modernization. The urgency to embrace digitalization became even more apparent with the onset of the MCO in 2020.

The Goals

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What We Did

The Tedsis team began by auditing the current state and creating a sustainable plan to achieve the aforementioned goals:

The Results

EWG Global’s investment in the Tedsis Business Operating System has yielded significant results, enhancing various facets of their brand image, recruitment, and sales. Here are the key outcomes:

  • Faster Learning for the Sales Force: The improved training structure enhances quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Quick Entry for Newcomers: Streamlined onboarding ensures a faster time to market with a more systematic approach.
  • Boosted Sales: A significant increase in closing sales deals is experienced through the use of innovative digital marketing and sales tools.
  • Fast-Track Trust in Recruitment: The website introduces the organization, and the digital sales tools showcase the products, instilling confidence in the sales force during both product sales and recruitment.
  • Reduced Administrative Efforts: Automation and simplification of numerous tasks result in reduced administrative time and workload.

These results highlight the effectiveness of using the Tedsis Business Operating System for businesses that require continuous training as a strategic tool for customer engagement and brand enhancement.