Case Study

How Edward Fengshui Grew Its Organic Traffic 4x, and Improved Overall Conversion by 80%

Capitalizing on two decades of technological expertise, Tedsis excels in identifying immediate opportunities to accelerate your business growth.

The Client

Edward Fengshui, Malaysia

Years in Business

> 20 years


Feng Shui Consulting Services


As featured in The Star, Malay Mail, RTM, ASTRO and other major publications. Master Edward Chin of is a highly respected and renowned feng shui master and consultant based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With over 20 years of professional knowledge and experience in feng shui, I Ching(Yi Jing), BaZi, and auspicious date selection, Master Edward has helped many happy clients achieve their goals and bring balance and improvement to their lives.

The Challenge

Edward Fengshui first engaged Tedsis in 2017 for a straightforward web design service. This initial collaboration subsequently led to a comprehensive website revamp in 2019, which included support for dual languages. In the same year, Edward Fengshui expanded their strategy to incorporate a blog site for content marketing. The first few years saw robust growth in both paid and organic traffic. However, as competition intensified in recent years, traffic began to wane, ads for critical keywords were not showing in Google Ads, and the website and system started to show signs of obsolescence. Recognizing the need for improvement, Edward Fengshui once again turned to Tedsis in Mar 2023. 

The Goals

Want to grow your business today?

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What We Did

The Tedsis team began by auditing the current state and creating a growth plan that delivered the goals mentioned above.

The Results

Our top targeted keywords have achieved high rankings on Google’s first page of search results. Click to reveal the current Google search results page positions of our keywords.

Keywords Results
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Overall traffic went up by more than 400% after 9 months of optimization, and traffic continues to grow at an admiring rate today.

Google Ads reveals that a key revenue-generating keyword for Edward Fengshui commands a significant 97.15% impression share compared to other advertisers. Furthermore, its ads secure a top-of-page position 92.83% of the time and achieve the absolute top-of-page position 67.10% of the time. As of the current date, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for this keyword over the past 30 days stands at an impressive 17.95%. No ads were showing for this money keyword before work started in Mar 2023.

Thanks to the significant increase in both organic and paid traffic for the key revenue-generating keywords, and together with the launch of the new dedicated landing pages with persuasive copy, the sales enquiries for the client have nearly doubled compared to the previous year.